Sales Insight II

How has the global pandemic impacted your sales cycle?

Your knowledge, vision, and relationships are what drives and sustain your business. Yet CEOs often have a lot on their plate and may not have the time to really focus on every detail in the sales department. 

New hires struggle for competency or take a long time before they become effective, especially in the new market dynamics. As long as you remain an essential employee and the major dependant for most of the sales team, you may find yourself trapped inside the company. 

In the conversations of our clients with their sales teams, they often hear the following things:

- We are talking with the wrong people
- The leads are not qualified
- The person I had a meeting with was not the decision-maker
- They didn't even understand what we do
- They think we are like "xyz" and don't understand how we are different
- They prefer a bigger well know player over us
- The lead has gone silent on me
- Sales cycles are taking too long or don't go anywhere

Do you hear this within your team as well?

Reducing the CEO dependency is easier said than done, but it becomes a serious obstacle to sales effectiveness' success if left unaddressed. For that reason, a target market playbook is a must-have, not a nice-to-have. It does not substitute onboarding and training but complements them to ensure alignment and serves as a resource for your salespeople to stay focused on their target market, ICPs and personas.


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