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For businesses to create that "aha moment" for the buyer and help them notice an issue they may not have thought about before, this requires a strategy that focuses more on your buyer's needs and less on your product or service. But your potential buyers will be a diverse mix of people with different needs that will change as they move along the buying journey and edge closer towards purchasing.

Instead, laser focus your efforts on a target customer segment that can be efficiently tracked down and coaxed out with a tailored message that speaks directly to their pain points.

To figure that out, take a look at your current customers. Identify the similarities among them and what channel brought them in? Create a profile based on these attributes to find more of their "look-alikes."
The chosen customer segment, the ICP, and the Personas will help you build your target audience. Once you've made a decision on who makes up your target audience, you can then wisely choose the channels where you can best reach them online.

This maximizes your cost-effectiveness and helps you craft content and messaging to cater to individuals' characteristics. Your target audience will perceive that your message is relevant to them. You build trust, create sales leverage, an extensive pipeline, faster close times, and ultimately more revenue, plus some high-quality leads.


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