Tech companies' playbook for growth at scale

In the past few years, economic conditions offered tech providers a solid foundation for growth. As we move forward, the corona crisis, the volatility in financial markets, and trade worries have all contributed to uncertainty, economic concerns, and threatened short-term performance and survival.

The need for growth is still critical but will require more targeted strategies to ensure taking and executing the right approach. Otherwise, business leaders can be caught by surprise and forced to make tough decisions with less thought and consideration than they'd like. 

Even if your top concerns were profitability, growing revenue, and cash flow, most tech companies would stall over time, indicating heading towards a wall. Growth becomes hard, profits are difficult, teams are stressed, and the company's future becomes dependent on your ability to restart the engine.

The average company stays in this stage anywhere from 18 to 36 months; however, they seldom recover. They lose value, customers, and market momentum, and the challenge for tech CEOs is to balance product development and customer acquisition.

The question here is, how can tech CEOs minimize their time in stalls, hit the market fast, boost their cash flows, ultimately grow their market share faster, and gain an advantage over their competitors. 

That's exactly what this Playbook will cover.

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