Increased ales effectiveness and customer acquisition through improved segmentation and messaging.

PUML - Better Health

Millions of people are now exercising virtually and PUML’s social fitness challenges brings them together, where they can compete using their current activity tracking apps or devices.It’s a tool for brands to create an immersive and memorable marketing campaign to engage new and existing customers.


As one of the founders of an emerging technology company, there is a constant pressure to find quick answers to help drive the business forward. We have been planning our solution for a while and released our first App in April 2020 during lockdown.

We were targeting several different verticals to prove we had a minimum viable product. As a small team, this spread our resources too thin and we struggled to identify which vertical to focus on. We spent months out in the marketplace trying different angles, but needed some direction.


Our sales strategy meant lots of phone calls with prospective customers, but a struggle to get past the initial call. We got too many objections and were not getting the traction we expected.Despite the efforts we felt the cost of winning new customers was simply too high and not scalable. It was time to find a company who could come at it from a different perspective with fewer internal biases.


Chasm has helped create focus going back to first principles. They have reinforced the need to focus on a very specific target segment to build a repeatable strategy. Chasm guided us with their framework and together we agreed on the target segment to go after. They helped me see the marketplace in a new light driving renewed enthusiasm for our product and offering.Post vertical strategy, Chasm also reviewed our market messaging, enhancing it in a way that really spoke to the personas we identified.


We are getting a better return on both our sales and marketing investments as we have reduced friction in the sales process with less objections and more discussions on how it can work for them specifically, which is a real turnaround.

A growth playbook for emerging technology companies

The key to structured growth and market success is having a clear focus on the target segment where you are best positioned to win.

A guide is a useful tool to structure this process.

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