"How improved messaging helped Keross to have a better customer conversation and improved conversion to win more clients".

Keross - Orchestration

Keross’ Ikon Orchestration platform enables organisations to accelerate their digital initiatives by connecting people, process and technology. As an emerging technology provider active in the digital transformation market, the competition is extremely tense. The demand is very high, but with all the noise its extremely hard to stand out. 


Because of the platform nature of the product, it is industry agnostic and can meet any digital requirement. This unique capability sets the platform aside from other platforms. At the same time, this also created a challenge for Keross. 

As any organisation would benefit from the platform, Keross struggled to identify the customer they should target. As a result, Keross approach to the market was very broad. This resulted in more generic and technical discussions, making it very difficult for the customers to understand how they would benefit.

The demo’s that followed demonstrated all of the potential capabilities but made it more confusing for the prospective customers. 


Despite very strong initial successes, many of the conversations did not go anywhere. Revenue expectations were not met and pressure from stakeholders started to growth. 


To address these challenges, Keross engaged with Chasm. The goal was to improve the effectiveness of both sales and marketing efforts. In order to achieve this, we had to understand which group of customers was most likely to buy from Keross and what would be the best way to engage with them. 

Based the product's unique capabilities and the needs it addressed, Chasm identified the ideal customer customer profile. Based on this - and their needs - the competition was identified together with an understanding of what made the Keross platform unique and what the value was to its customers. 

The messaging was transformed from a more product and technology focussed to one that is focussed on what is most important the target audience defined: their desired business outcomes, the challenges they face and how the platform contributes to addressing them.


As a result customer conversations were focussed on what was relevant to the customer, drastically improving the way the message resonated. This helped to accelerate sales cycles and conversion rates. Overall the sales effectiveness - the revenue generated with the same resources - quadrupled. 

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The key to structured growth and market success is having a clear focus on the target segment where you are best positioned to win.

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